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Tech Transfer Platform

Sino Polymer has the collaborative innovation relationships with ECUST, SCIP, Tsinghua University, NWPU, WHUT, Chinese Academy of Sciences, AVIC COMPOSITE, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing (COMAC), Beijing FRP research institute and China Composite group for research, study, industrialization and application of high-new tech products.

Till now, following technology and products have been successfully developed, industrialized and transferred in this platform:

Environmental friendly anti-corrosion resin, high performance resin for large wind power blade, nuclear-level-purity adhesive resin for high temperature gas cooled reactor of nuclear power plant, high performance Epoxy Resin for civil aviation and new energy car, fire-retardant resin for high-speed railway train, environmental friendly water-borne coating, anti-corrosion new material for flue gas desulfurization etc..

Joint labs with different institutions for different projects

1.Cooperation Base for Industrialization, Study & Research - ECUST* and SCIP*

ECUST*:East China University of Science&Techonology

SCIP*:Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

2.Joint Research Center of High-speed Railway New Material – ECUST* and NWPU*

ECUST*:East China University of Science&Techonology

NWPU*:Northwestern Polytechnical University

3.Joint Research Center of Nuclear Purity Resin - Huachang and INET* of Tsinghua University

INET*:Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology of Tsingghua University

4.Joint Research Center of Composite Materials – Sino Polymer and SMSE of WHUT*

SMSE of WHUT*:School of Material Science and Technology of Wuhan University of Science and Technology 

Oversea technology transfer & cooperation

Based on the technology transfer platform and Chinese government’s capacity transfer strategy, Sino Polymer has helped her partners in Malaysia, France and Saudi Arabia to achieve technology transfer and local production of Vinyl Ester Resins.

Connecting with abundant and advanced R&D resources between China and oversea countries, this technology transfer platform is fully capable of transferring mature Chinese technology to foreign countries, and absorbing foreign technology to fill the blank market in China with its technical background and industrialization plant in Shanghai.

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