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Who We Are

The Chinese Market Leader In Vinyl Ester Resin

NO 1

No.1 Vinyl Ester Resin Supplier in China


5 production sites over the world


35 countries and regions market


Backed up by professional Chemical Industry University



Wind power


Building & Construction

Corrosion resistance and flame-retardant applications

Full range of Vinyl Ester Resins for petroleum industry, chemical industry, mining industry, chlor-alkali industry, thermal power generation, sea water desalination etc.
MFE 711 owns a shelf life of 10 months below 25℃ and excellent wettability.
MFE 707 series brominated FR V.E. and M FE 770/780 novolac vinyl ester had been proved their reliability since 1980s.
AG80 Tetra-funcational group epoxy resin has its 1st aerospace application in 1980s.

Gelcoats, infusion and laminating resins, bonding pastes

MERICAN® series of resins (epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester) for infusion process are all approved by GL (Germanischer Lloyd). MERICAN 30-200P vinyl ester resin was first used to produce 35.6 meters length wind blade in P.R. China and put into operation in Sep. 2010 .

Laminating and infusion resins, skin and barrier coats, etc

MFE® series vinyl ester resins and MERICAN® series unsaturated polyester resins are approved by Lloyds’ Register for marine use.
We own very good experience in formulating pre-accelerated and thixotropic resins.
Our Flame Retardant Resins is also used by leading life boat builders.

Chemical anchors, sanitary ware, castings, pultrusion, etc

Ladder, train parts, bridge construction, window panels and other products using Pultrusion produced by famous pultrusion companies both domestic and overseas are already using our vinyl ester resins and polyester resins.
In 2010, our MFE-5 vinyl ester resin is used in Chinese first pultruded bridge decks.
We also developed high performance resin for polymer concrete applications and our cathodic protection products also widely used in famous harbor constructions.

Production site in SCIP*

Capacity details:

High performance Epoxy Resin:

10,000 tons/year

Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin:

20,000 tons/year

Unsaturated polyester resin:

30,000 tons/year

Heavy anti-corrosion Coatings:

5,000 tons/year


3,000 tons/year


2,000 tons/year

Ion exchange & adsorption resin:

2,000 tons/year

Main information:


Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Shanghai, China


84000 m²


72000 tons/year

About Resin Reactors:

12 different sizes reactors from 1 ton to 20 tons

Vinyl Ester Resins:

30 tons per batch

Unsaturated polyester

40 tons per batch

*ECUST:East China University of Science and Technology (

Set up in 1952 especially for chemical science, ECUST owns competitive scientific research teams based in many state-level key laboratories, engineering, technological research centers.

*SCIP:Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (

World-Class Chemical Park specialized in the development of petrochemical and fine chemistry businesses with the companies like Bayer, Basf, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Sino-French Water, SINOPEC, 3M, etc.

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